About Us

Lucy Coulbert – Owner

Lucy has worked in the funeral profession for twenty years. She worked both as a funeral director and carriage master for just over a decade before starting her own funeral service as The Individual Funeral Company which is based in Rose Hill and is fast approaching it’s 10th birthday.
 She is a hugely experienced funeral director and has won many awards for the service she provides. She is also regularly contacted by local and national press to give interviews on funeral related stories. 
Lucy‘s particular area of expertise is surrounding funeral poverty and the impact on families. Due to this, she was invited to give evidence to a Parliamentary Select Committee and has worked closely with the Department of Work and Pensions along with having meetings with MP’s to see what more can be done to help.
It is hugely important to her that everyone has the service they ask for and while she may make suggestions along the way, it is never money orientated. In fact, all of her clients are given options whereby they can save money rather than spending it.
 One of her most used phrases is “It is better off in your pocket than mine.” This is regardless of how much or how little people have to spend on a funeral service.
Lucy has said “Low cost or simple funeral options seemed to be hidden on websites I have looked at online. While I have made these options as clear as I can on The Individual Funeral Company website, I came up with Oxford Undertakers Low Cost Funerals so that absolutely everything was easy to find at a glance.
 Some people want a simple funeral because family live abroad and want to plan a memorial service in the future. Other people opt for a simple funeral because the cost is less than a more bespoke service. Regardless of why people want this service, the dedication and care we provide never changes. All of our clients are treated with the same level of dignity and respect and ultimately, I want all of our clients at Oxford Undertakers to feel good about spending as little money as possible and yet still recieving our very best attention.”
When she isn’t working (which even she admits there is rarely a time when she isn’t) you can usually find her with her head stuck in a good book, walking her beloved dogs or out riding her motorbike in the Costwolds.

Our other staff

Oxford Undertakers has a wonderful team of bearers who come from Oxfordshire Funeral Support Service who are all highly trained and extremely professional. Our hearses come from AMC Carriage Masters which are lovingly cared for and we have members of staff who answer calls and help them on the first steps to arranging a funeral service with us.