How it works

Oxford Undertakers Low Cost Funerals is the benchmark of how low cost funeral services can be arranged and conducted to the very highest of standards where nothing but perfection will do. We can offer these services for a lower cost than other funeral companies for a number of reasons but the main one being time.

Bespoke funeral services take a lot of time to arrange and undertake. Often between 40-60 hours of work will happen before the day of a funeral service. By having four set options which offer little to no flexibility, it means we can make all of the arrangements quickly and reduces the amount of time arranging a service to between 10-20 hours of work.
 As it involves less of our time, you pay less.
We also share equipment and facilities with our existing funeral company so again, the cost is reduced.
The final way we can bring costs down is that arranging funeral services on the telephone or in person will only be conducted Monday – Friday between 9am and 4pm. We will not be able to make funeral arrangements on weekends or bank holidays.
If someone dies in their own home or care home, we are available 24 hours a day every single day of the year so we can help you.