Terms and Conditions

  • We do require full payment by bank transfer before we book a date and time at the crematorium
  • We do reserve the right to charge a daily fee of £55 per day that a person is with us if payment is not made within our terms
  • Should you wish to instruct another funeral company, you will be charged a collection fee of £295 and £55 per day a person is with us. We will not release a person to a funeral director or family member without full payment by bank transfer or cash before a person leaves our care
  • We only accept payments by bank transfer or cash
  • If you have requested a person be dressed in their own clothes, you agree we can dispose of the garments they were dressed in when we collected them
  • We do not have a chapel of rest in which to see a person and we do not offer this service
  • We do not see people in our offices. We will only visit you at home or a place you prefer
  • Should a person require a coffin longer than 6’4 or wider than 22 inches, an additional fee will apply.


Payment will need to be made either by bank transfer or cash upon instructing Oxford Undertakers Ltd. We will not book the crematorium until payment has been made and we do not accept any other methods of payment.
We always encourage people to spend within their means and we never, ever recommend people get into debt over a funeral bill. If money is an issue, please talk to us. We will give advice wherever we can.
Should you need to apply for funeral finance, we do work with Funeral Safe Finance. Like us, they are a responsible lender and will make a number of checks before arranging funding. They will pay our agreed invoice by bank transfer.

Instructing Oxford Undertakers Ltd

  • A client instructs Oxford Undertakers Ltd as their funeral director automatically if we are required to collect a person from their own home, care home or hospice. No formal instructions by email are necessary and our full invoice is payable no later than 48 hours after we have collected a person.
  • If a person has died in an Oxford hospital, we will require an email from our client instructing Oxford Undertakers Ltd to be their funeral director before we collect them and bring them into our care
  • The person instructing Oxford Undertakers Ltd will also be the person responsible for paying our invoice within our terms

These terms and conditions are subject to change and we will advise you as quickly as possible should this be the case.